Cancellation of Services

24 January 2016

Greetings Trinity!

I hope this day finds you well and warm even with the ice and snow outside. I have talked with Carol Stanley, Consistory President, and Loni Cutter, Chair of Facilities and Maintenance. After careful consideration of the weather and travel possibilities for Sunday morning, including the safety of getting to and from automobiles and houses, we have determined that it is best to cancel services for tomorrow January 24, 2016. While major roads are easily passable, side roads and residential areas are not yet clear in many areas. With our congregants traveling from a wide geographical area, we believe this is the right decision.

I will be available by phone tomorrow from 9:30am – Noon if you need a listening ear or just want to talk – 704-224-1653. Your Director of Music and Arts, and Director of Youth and Social Justice Ministries will also be available by phone tomorrow from 10am – Noon. Damien: 704-224-7148; Carolyn: 256-398-0039. A link to my sermon will be posted on our facebook page and website at 11am tomorrow. This is a sermon on deep ecumenism that addresses the importance of respecting people of other religions.

About your offering…thank you for your investment in the present and future ministries of our church! We could not do what we do without your generous offerings! You can donate online today or tomorrow by clicking the “Give Now” link below the signature. You may also drop your offering off at the office this week – Monday 9am-Noon, Tues-Wed-Thr 9:30am-1:30pm. You may also bring in your offering next Sunday. Either way is fine.

Your Consistory leadership (in alphabetical order) is listed below and available to answer any questions you may have. If you call one and no answer, call another.

Also know that Consistory will be discussing a more formalized process of canceling church events at our February meeting and adding it to Trinity’s Policies and Procedures.

Name                                    Phone

Earl Anderson Earl              216-401-9910

Wendy Columbus                704-682-9357

Loni Cutter    Loni                (704) 932-5357

Alane Holste Alane             336-596-3515

Pat Kluttz       Pat                  704-791-5524

Kathy McCall   Kathy           704-699-5827

Wendy McConnell               704-619-2053

Peter Merkwa PETER         980-332-0154

Sarah Newsom                    980-255-1048

Mike Shimanski                   Mike    (704) 932-1009

Carol Stanley                        425-301-2704

Mary Staunton          Mary   704-213-6958

Carol Williams-Swoope      704-213-2215

So this evening and tomorrow, take a break from the usual, a real sabbath. Enjoy the beauty of God’s world with the magic of snow, without the anxiety of trying to get around in it by foot, bicycle or car! Be safe, warm, and well!


Rev. Nathan King, Pastor

Dr. Carol Stanley, Consistory President

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