Weekly Reflection from Pastor Nathan King

When I was growing up, dry cereal that you eat with milk was a novelty. Of course I immediately took a liking to Fruit Loops, although it was usually Corn Flakes that mom bought. My dad had a habit of putting pieces of banana in his and he liked to have them as a snack a few hours before bedtime.

Soon it became my own ritual and then quickly turned into an expectation that there would also be milk and sugar to go along with it. The bananas I could take or leave. But the milk was essential.

It was terribly disappointing whenever I’d put the cereal in the bowl along with the sugar on top, then reach for the milk container in the fridge only to find it virtually empty. Someone had left just enough to cover the bottom of the carton but not nearly enough for my cereal. It seemed inconsiderate. I am sure no one did that on purpose and it wasn’t personal to anyone, but when you’re the one left with the dry cereal to eat, it sure felt that way.

I can’t imagine how people feel when there isn’t enough food to go around. Yet some seem to have plenty while others have crumbs, or virtually nothing. Our culture also seems to make some judgment about those who have so little, as if it is somehow their fault that tragedy occurred and they didn’t have the resources to pay for it.

I had no control over how much those who got to the fridge first ate. But I certainly never felt like it was my fault that there was none left for me. I have trouble understanding why we would ever judge people living in poverty as if it is somehow their fault or even their responsibility for getting out of poverty when the system allows some to have first and greatest access leaving others with so little or virtually nothing.

Coming up this Sunday the text from Proverbs 22 and Mark 7:24-37 addresses some of these troubling actions on the part of Jesus. I hope you’ll be in church.

I have to tell you, I was delighted this past week when I went into Hardee’s up on Church Street and saw they now have Fruit Loops DONUTS!!! I couldn’t help it. I had some. One little iced donut in each of five Fruit Loops flavors. I ate everything but the crumbs.

See you Sunday,

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